It’s Giordano Bluto!

by Clark Coolidge

It’s Giordano Bluto! is a wild read and a humdinger of a book. It’s bright and dark and everything in between. Always a welcome event to have a new work by Clark Coolidge.   

  — Peter Gizzi, author of Archeophonics

A Window In Time

Waterchew it was but we were too late
quite open even to torment      desire to notch
I was older then and listening to stories
put that boot down we’ve been bad together
the only way it can be held?      God’s leaky desk?
made me marry on stilts      a tiny mother!
but there’s a lull in my politics      what’s to understand?
the weather is terrible in here      it’s like peeing
through a shotgun      neither can the player
sound like a theremin or the opening of an umbrella
and I’ve seen some bad sulfur      the hillsides going
skulls appearing      why I’ll be a wrecker of linens
try the aft port that’s how these stories come out
the Japanese word for dream is gone

Edition of 50, hand numbered

$8 +$3 shipping.
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